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Without adding unrealistic payroll expense, it is difficult for any traffic, distribution, or accounting department to mulberry outlet online uk calculate the correct rate for every single freight shipment. While you could assume most shipments are correctly invoiced, there are mulberry outlet store usually a small percent of errors which ultimately affect the entire freight budget to the tune of hundreds if not thousands of pounds.Count the pennies & the pounds look after themselves

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Contracts are complicated, frequently subject to misrepresentation. Although you may pre or post-audit your bills internally, overcharges mulberry handbags can still exist. Even if you ship under freight contract, overcharges are definitely possible. So, not only is an outside post-audit an actual profit centre, providing bottom line pre-tax pounds from recoveries, it can also be the source of substantial long term benefits in the form of more effective time management and more advantageous rate structuring.

leading experts in analysing last mile deliveries and POD's Reduce home delivery costsin order to drive down cost and raise standards. Our auditing service directly recoverslost revenue and when combined thoughtfully with other services optimise existing resources improving customer relations. Independence from any service provider allows us to offer unbiased advice about solutions that best fit your requirements. We cater for organisations sending multiple consignments using third party logistics providers. Our ability to target costly re-deliveries gives rise to the welcome added benefit of lower fuel emissions and unnecessary traffic congestion. Even if you are large enough to have your own in house expertise we can still help you become more effective in last mile delivery fulfilment. Charging on a contingency basis means you can't lose because we only get paid as a percentage of the cost savings we recover.

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